1.1.C# SP2 #

Here are example videos that created by students’s group SP2

Group 1:

Finding the Total_Score and Average_Score of 9 Subject like C#, A+, GD, DATA, ENGLISH, WEB, PR, AC, CC.

– total=c+a+gd+data+english+web+pr+ac+cc;

– average=total/9;

Group 2:

Finding Distance Converting that can be covert two ways like Mile to KM and KM to Mile.

1 Mile=1.60934

Converting from mile to km= distance=mile*km;

Converting from km to mile= km/mile;

Group 3:

Finding Total of Product, Discount and Sub_Total.

– total=quantity*price;

– discount=total*3/100;        (Fixed discount precent 3%)

– sub_total=total-discount;

Group 4:

Finding converting currency exchange 5 types of currency by input riel currency

riel to baht

riel to dong

riel to euro

riel to dollar

riel to pound

Group 5:

Calculating of two values by 4 types of operator like, + – * /.




divided=v1/v2;        (All value can’t divide by zero value)

Group 6:

Finding consumption and amount of EDC.

– consumption=current reading-previous reading;

– total amount=consumption * price;        (Price have to input in textbook by user)

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